TDS 26-1A1 | Type 1 Small Latches - Ganged

 "Ganged" Means Mounting Two or More Latches on a Common Shaft, Thereby Making Them Simultaneously Operable by a Single Handle or Key


Flexible! Any of a Variety or Receivers can be Used
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Fig. 1 Two small Type 1 Latches are shown mounted inside a clear plastic box, operated by a single fixed handle (or a separable hex key). See TDS 18-1 for mounting dimensions for the Type 1 Small Latches and the 'U' Receiver shown here.


Fig. 2 A variety of receivers such as the flush- mounted Type 2 Small Receiver shown here at bottom can be used in a "ganged" mounting. See TDS 22-1A2 for mounting of the Type 1 Small Latches and the Type 2 Small RSL Receivers illustrated here.


Fig. 3 Refer to TDS 154-1 for details on the complementary shafts, collars, couplings and bearings available to facilitate mounting multiple latches together in a ganged configuration. Shown here are two ganged Type 1 Latches.

Fig. 4 Another ganged latch application is shown here, where a common shaft simultaneously operates two latches that are mounted on either side of a panel, thereby equalizing and increasing the clamping load when they are engaged with the two 'U' Receivers shown at right. 

TDS 26-1A1


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