TDS 36-2B | Type 1 Large Latches



FIG 3 Type 1R Latch and Receiver surface mounted as a case closure on metal or wood. (See TDSs 36 & 44) FIG 4 Type 1L Latch and Receiver recessed flush in a wooden case closure. (See TDSs 36 & 44)
FIG 5 Type 1R Latch and 'JL' Receiver used for an 'over the top' box cover application. (See TDS 39) FIG 6 Type 1R Latch and 'PL' Receiver mounted 'over the top' on a box cover. (See TDS 40)
FIG 7A Type 1 Lathces can be surface or recess mounted internally using flush mounted 'RSL' or surface mounted 'U' Receivers. (See TDSs 38 & 49) FIG 7B The aesthetics of internally mounted Type 1 Latches (FIG 7A), can be clearly seen (center above) compaired to the externally mounted latches on either side.
FIG 12 Type 1R Latch with braces and 'U' Receiver used for a self standing machine guard, etc. Quick attachment and removal. (See TDS 40) FIG 13 Type 1L (or 1R) Latch with handle and 'J' Receiver operated from beneath in a shroud application. (See TDS 47) FIG 14A & 14B Surface mounted Type 1R Latches and flush mounted 'R/S' Receivers used on church pews, quick attachment and removal for maintenance or recreational use of the floor area. (See TDS 42)
TDS 36-2B


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