TDS 18-1 | Type 1R Small Latch and "U" Receiver

This Latch/Receiver  Combination is used for Joining Components at 90°
The Latch and Receiver are usually mounted on the surface. Both external and internal mountings are shown.


A Type 1R (Right Hand) Small Latch is shown: S1125-1R-562.
Type 1L (Left Hand) Small Latches S1125-1L-562 are also available.
A "U" Receiver UR500-500 is used here for 90° joining.

Fig. 1 Type 1R door Latch with handle using "U" Receiver for 90° closure; both are surface mounted. Handle can be on the opposite side. See TDS 17.

Mounting Dimensions:
Type 1R Small Latch: S1125-1R-562
"U" Receiver: UR500-500

Applications Frequently Require Internal Mounting and Thru-Panel Operation By Key or Handle

  • Clamping Force: 200#/90.7kg
  • Latch Case Material: Steel/Zinc Plate
  • Or: Steel/Bright Finish
  • Or: Stainless Steel
  • "U" Receiver Material: Stainless Steel
S1125-1r-562 UR500-500 S1125-1R-562
TDS 18-1


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