TDS 25-1 | Type 1 Small Sealed Latch S1125-(1R or 1L)-562S

 Internally Mounted for Waterproof Enclosures, Sealed Instrument Cases, Doors, Access Panels, Etc.


Concealed • Protected • Aesthetically Unequaled


Cases using Type 1 Sealed Latches as shown above have only the access hole exposed to the outside. Rivets, screws or spot welding are used for attachment.


Mounting - External View
The O-Ring Sealed Latch is Mounted Internally, Completely Concealed and Protected. The Latch Shaft Protrudes Thru the Enclosure. Shown is the Norse Latch: S1125-1L-562S

*Dimensions shown are for optimum load; For less load reduce this dimension.

Mounting Dimensions - Internal View
Using a Slot in Case Flanges as a Receiver
Latch: S1125-1L-562
Right Hand Latches: S1125-1R-562 are available  

TDS 25-1


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