TDS 61-1B | Type 2S Small Latches



FIG 9 The "Taco' shape of the Type 2 Lathes is designed to fit a straight-in/straight-out shaper cut for mortising expediency as seem in the cutaway photos above. (see TDS 62) 
FIG 10 Type 2 Small Latches can be mortised in place to join table and counter tops and other panels as seen above. (See TDS 62)

FIG 11A, 11B Thin panels are shown here connected at butt and corner joints using Type 2 Latches and Receivers and the very shallow 'RSL' Receivers. Mortise does not break through the panel ('blind' motrise) . (See TDS 62 & 66)
FIG 12A, 12B The Type 2S Latch is shown here in a door with handles and escutcheon plates using a slot in the frame as a receiver. (See TDS 69 & 63)

FIG 13 This cut-away view clearly illustrates the Type 2S Small Latch on a metal style and how it attaches to a slot in the frame. (See TDS 69)  
FIG 14A, 14B Here the Type 2S Small Latch w/handle and escutcheon plate is mounted in a wooden door member using a 'R/S' Receiver flush mounted in adjacent member. (See TDS 65 & 63)

FIG 15 This cut-away view shows a Type 2S Small Latch in combination with a 'U' Receiver surface mounted on a frame member. (See TDS 70)  
TDS 61-1B


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