TDS 19-3C | Type 1L Latch - Small S1125-1L-562 and Short "P" Receiver SPR250L-1

This Latch/Receiver combination is particularly useful for doors, windows, boxes, furniture, case closures, access panels on machinery, hoods, etc.


The Type 1 Small Latch Left Hand and the Short "P" Receiver SPR250L-1 are normally surface mounted in the same plane - no mortising required. They can be mounted externally or internally. 

Fig1. Mounting Dimensions
Type 1L Small Left Hand Latch: S1125-1L-562
Short "P" Receiver: SPR250L-1

 When internally mounted, the latch is operated through a key access hole. For Sealed untis see TDS 25-1 
This Short "P" Receiver is being replaced by the newer SPR250 (L&R) - See TDS 19-3A and 19-3B

TDS 19-3C


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