TDS 36-2A | Type 1 Large Latches

Latches and Receivers are Available Either Right or Left Hand Operating


Type 1 Large Latches shown above with matching encased Receivers can also be used in combination with Type 2 and Type 3 Receivers as well as any of the Nonencased Receivers. Some of these Latch/Receiver combinations are shown in the applications below.

FIG 8 Type 1R & 1L Latches can be 'ganged' as shown, spaced as required. (See TDS 46) FIG 9 Type 1R & 1L Latches with handle using slot Receivers in tubing to fabricate polygonal structures, kiosks, etc. of 3 or more panels. (See TDSs 37 & 43) FIG 10 Type 1R Latches with handles and 'U' Receivers used to make kiosks and other polygonal structures with angular corner joints. (See TDSs 37 & 38) FIG 11 Type 1R Latches and 'P' Receivers joining angular corners of accent panels, kiosks and other polygonal structures. (See TDS 40)
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TDS 36-2A


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