TDS 22-2B | Type 1L Small Latch and Type 2 RSLS Shallow Receiver

For knockdown (KD) furniture, store fixtures and other applications requiring 90° attachment, where one panel must slide freely when released


Mounting the Latch at 15° allows unobstructed movement of panel 'B' when the latched is cocked 
• Rotate Counterclockwise to Lock •

Clamping force is 200#/90.7kg - For higher clamping force See TDS 42-2B.

For Applications not requiring a flush mounted Receiver See TDS 18.


Numerous KD Enclosures, Clostes, Store Fixtures and Institutional Furniture can be quickly assembled and disassembled using this Latch Receiver combination


This Type 1L Latch is shown in the 'Cocked' Mode (Unlocked). Handle travel is 180°. Mounting the Latch at 15° facilitates unobstructed sliding movement of panel 'B' - Sometimes a requisite in 'KD' installations

For projects requiring Left Hand Latches See TDS 22-2B

Mounting Dimensions
Type 1L Small Latch and Type 2 RSLS Receiver
With cocking rivet and H2-1 Handle
Latch: S1125-1L-562 W/ Cocking Rivet & H2-1 Handle
Receiver: RSLS500-2-187

TDS 22-2B


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