TDS 36-1B | Type 1 Large Latches: Applications

Type 1 Large Latch Applications


FIG 3 Type 1R Latch and Receiver used beneath table tops, counters, decks, etc. for tight shakeproof joinery. (See TDS 44-1) FIG 4 Type 1L Latch and Receiver mounted flush beneath deck; operated from above thru deck. Flange mounting holes are dimpled. Used for dance floors, etc. (See TDS 44-2) FIG 5 Type 1L Latch and 'U' Receiver attaching shelves or desks to walls at industrial/educational work stations. (See TDS 38)
FIG 6 Type 1R & 1L Latches and 'U' Receivers used to quickly attach a generator shelter or other KD units which can be stored flat. (See TDS 38) FIG 7A & 7B Type 1L Latch and Slot Receiver, coupling a metal hood to frame or modular units. Can be sealed. (see TDS 43 & 45)
FIG 8D Type 1R Latch with spring fingers and 'PL' Receiver for holding outside corners tight and at 90º. (See TDS 40) FIG 9 Type 1, 2 or 3 Latches can be used to fabricate acoustical barriers, shields, etc., which can be quickle disassembled.  
FIG 10A & 10B Type 1 Latch with handle using Slot Receiver to couple framing units, doors, covers, hoods, etc. (See TDS 43)  
FIG 14 Type 1R Latch with handle and a 'U' Receiver, all surface mounted in a 90º door application. (See TDSs 37 & 38) FIG 15 Type 1R Latch with handle and an 'RSL' Receiver at 90º in a metal or wood door closure. (See TDS 37 & 42) FIG 16 Type 1L Latch with handle and a 'P' Receiver for metal or wood joints and covers. Same plane mounting. (See TDSs 37 & 40)
TDS 36-1B


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