TDS 24-1A1 | Type 1L Small Latches/Receivers Mounted Under to Join Sectional Flooring

Shown Here Recessed Beneath Sectional Flooring, Latches are Operated with a Hex Key Thru the Floor 



Fig. 1 The Type 1R Latch and Receiver are shown in the unlocked condition, flush mounted underneath the flooring.

Fig. 2 The Type 1R Latch and Receiver shown in the locked mode. The operating key access is down thru the floor. 

 Latch and Receiver case flanges are dimpled upward to accept #10 FHWS.
"DU" in the part number denotes "dimpled upward" (e.g., S1125-1R-562DU)


TDS 24-1A1


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