TDS 21-2A1 | Type 1 Small Latch and the "IT" Receiver

The "IT" Receiver has a slanted surface upon which the latch hook slides when locking, imparting a lateral force, thereby compressing the door panel against the case. This is especially beneficial when gasketing is involved. Both the "IT" and the "OT" Receivers can be used either inside or outside a case.


See TDS 21-1A for the "OT" Receiver. 

Fig. 1 This is a view of an "IT" Receiver mounted internally in a case. The door is hinged outside from below. The Latch hook pulling against the slanted surface of the Receiver forces the door inward against the case. The Latch can be operated thru the door and sealed if required.

TDS 21-2A1


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