TDS 17-10B | Type 1 Small Latch and (2) H6-1 Handles: Shaft Length and Mounting

Shown here are Two H6-1 Handles (Operable from Both Sides) with a Small Type 1L Latch Surface Mounted into the Door


These illustrations show components and mounting dimensions





  1. Latch: (S1125-1L (or 1R) -562
  2. (2) Handle w/Nylon Washer: H6-1
  3. Shaft (Belled): SH7/32xL
  4. Escutcheon Plate w/Screw: EP1.8-1

 Shown above is a Small Type 1L Left Hand Latch (S1125-1L-562) a Right Hand Latch (S1125-1R-562) can be mounted on the opposite side. (Figure 4)

Handle orientation by customer choice X 60°

Type 1L Left Hand Latch Mounting (S1125-1L-562)


Type 1R Right Hand Latch Mounting (S1125-1R-562)

Calculating Shaft Lenth thru Door with 2 Handles

Door = 'D'
Escutcheon Plate = .180"
Nylon Washer (.030" x 2) = .060"
Handle Recess (.370" x 2) = .740"
Latch Case Thickness = .400"
SHAFT LENGTH = 'D' + 1.380"

Example: If Door ('D') is .750"/19mm Thick
Then SHAFT LENGTH is = .750" + 1.380" = 2.130"/54.1mm

H6-1 S1125-1L-562 S1125-1L-562 H6-1 S1125-1L-562
TDS 17-10B


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