TDS 61 Series

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TDS 61-2B | Type 2S Small Latches



Type 2S Small Latch Showing Variable' Setbacks'*


Variable 'Setbacks'*
(Hex Hole Locations)
Latches: S1125-2S-375
Thru S1125-2S-1.062
'Setbacks'* (Hex Hole Locations) are stocked from .375"/9.5mm to 1.062"/27mm, in .062"/1.6mm increments

(See FIG 1A thru L on TDS 61-4)


Type 2SR Small Latch Reverse Mounted


Reverse Mounted Latch Mechanism
Latch Shown: S1125-2SR-750
The Type 2SR Latch has the Latch mechanism installed in Reverse, as required by certain applications. These Latches are available with the same variations of 'Setback'* as the Type 2S (See TDS 64 & 71)

FIG 4 The Type 2SR (Reverse Flange) is mounted on a metal member and uses a 'U' Receiver for attachment. (See TDS 64)

FIG 5A A Type 2S Small Latch is mortised in place on a box face using a flush mounted Type 2S 'RSL' Receiver; a Norse ratchet wrench is used here to operate the latch. All fastener elements retract completely. (See TDS 66)

FIG 5B This view of the closed box (FIG 5A) illustrates the excellent aesthetics effected with the Norse fasteners. Tamper resistance and fastener protection is also accomplished.

FIG 7A, 7B, 7C Joining sheet metal units with a Type 2S Latch is accomplished using a slot receiver. Operation of the Latch can be done via an access hole as shown, or from the rear. (See TDS 72)

FIG 8 Here is shown a flush mounted Type 2S 'RSL' Receiver for attachment of a small Type 1 Latch to illustrate the versatility thru the complementary interchangeablility of the Norse Latches and Receivers. (See TDS 22)

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