TDS 19 Series

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TDS 19-3D | Type 1R Latch - Small S1125-1R-562 an Short "P" Receiver SPR250L-1

This Latch/Receiver combination is particularly useful for doors, windows, boxes, furniture, case closures, access panels on machinery, hoods, etc.


The Type 1R Small Latch Right Hand and the Short "P" Receiver SPR250L-1 are normally surface mounted in the same plane - no mortising required. They can be mounted externally or internally. 

Fig1. Mounting Dimensions
Type 1L Small Left Hand Latch: S1125-1R-562
Short "P" Receiver: SPR250L-1

 When internally mounted, the latch is operated through a key access hole. For Sealed untis see TDS 25-1 
This Short "P" Receiver is being replaced by the newer SPR250 (L&R) - See TDS 19-3A and 19-3B

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